Keneshia Hibbert

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Research Interests

  • Currently researching the future predictions of tropical cyclone extremes under climate change conditions. More specifically, looking at tropical cyclone precursors and their influence on tropical cyclone intensity and frequency under climate change.

Advisor:  Dr. Jorge Gonzales

Keneshia is a Hunter College alum, where she received her Bachelor Of Arts in Environmental Science and a graduate certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). She recently graduated from the Earth and Atmospheric Science department with an M.S from the City University of New York is an NOAA CESSRST scholar and is a recent Ph.D. admit into the EES department at the CUNY Graduate Center. Keneshia loves to travel; her recent travels have added layers of understanding, excitement, and appreciation to her scientific research. Her current research is on how climate change affects key tropical cyclone variables and how these changes affect cyclone frequencies and intensities. This work is essential because of the impacts of storms on coastal communities and the economy. The ability to better predict hurricane activity will add to better mitigation plans and efforts.