Keville Frederickson

Keville Frederickson- Emeritus - Professor  -  profile photo

Research Interests

  • Theory and knowledge development, international doctoral education, and reduction of youth risk behaviors


  • EdD
  • RN
  • FAAN

Academic Affiliation:

  • Lehman College, Director Research and Scholarship; Graduate Center, Director Doctor of Nursing Science Program; Faculty Fellow, Office of the University Dean of Health and Health Sciences

Professional Interests:

International nursing, doctoral nursing programs, nursing theory (emphasis on the Roy adaptation model), nursing philosophy, youth risk behaviors (emphasis on cross-cultural approaches and Hispanics), collaboration for education: doctoral, education and practice, simulation labs 

Primary Teaching Areas:

  • Nursing knowledge and theory development
  • Nursing and philosophy of science
  • Dissertation development

Selected Publications:

  1. Roy, C, Barrone, S & Frederickson, K (in press) Instruments utilized as measuremtns for Roy adaptation model-based research: Critique, examples and future directions, Nursing Science Quarterly,
  2. Baker, C, Frederickson, K & Gallegos, E (2007) Empowerment among Latina nurses in Indiana, Mexico, New York and Indiana International Nursing Review 54:2, 124-129.
  3. DiCicco-Bloom, Barbara PhD, RN; Frederickson, Keville EdD, FAAN; O'Malley, Denalee BA; Shaw, Eric PhD; Crosson, Jesse C. PhD; Looney, J. Anna PhD (2007)  Developing a model of social capital: Relationships in primary care Advances in Nursing Science, 30 (3) E13-24.: 
  4. Whetsell, M & Frederickson, K (2005) Spirituality, hardiness and quality of life among Latino elderly. Aquichan, 21:5, 45-57 (Spanish).
  5. Frederickson, K, Rivas, V, Whetsell, M & Tallier, P (2005) Cross Cultural analysis for conceptual understanding: English and Spanish perspectives. Nursing Science Quarterly, 18 (4), 286-92.
  6. Kleiman, S., Frederickson, K & Lundy, T. (2004) Education for cultural competence: Integration of theories. Nursing Education Perspectives, Nursing Education Perspectives, 25 (5), 238-244.
  7. Frederickson, K (2003) Opportunities in Nursing, Revised Edition, NY: McGraw-Hill.
  8. Frederickson, K (2003) Response to Fawcett's critiquing contemporary nursing knowledge: A dialogue. Nursing Science Quarterly, 16, 189.
  9. Frederickson, K. (2002). Analysis and evaluation of contemporary nursing knowledge: Nursing models and theories [Book review]. Nursing Science Quarterly, 15, 175-176.
  10. Gagliardi, B, Frederickson, K & Shanley, D (2002) Perceptions Of Quality Of Life And Adaptation Among Persons With Multiple Sclerosis: A Qualitative Study. Nursing Science Quarterly, 15(3), 230-236. 

Works in Progress:

  • Frederickson, K & Montero, B Consciousness, pain and refutation of representationalism
  • Whetsell, M & Frederickson, K Courage and the Roy adaptation model for Latin America


  • BS
  • MEd
  • EdD