Matthew Menchaca

matthew menchaca

Matthew Élan Menchaca is at the prospectus stage of his PhD, his advisor Jesse Prinz, after two essays at the intersection of phenomenology and cognitive science passed as qualifying papers: the first concerning varieties of fictional theories of reference (Kathleen Stock) in a method of phenomenology called heterophenomenology (Daniel Dennett), and the second detailing the genealogy of the concept [autopoiesis] (Varela, Thompson) and it’s significance in new dynamic theories of emotion (Giovanna Colombetti). He has recently presented ideas applying Kipke’s causal theory of reference to the acquisition of abstract ‘standard’ arithmetic (DUCOG 2021) as well as the significance of autopoiesis (Mind in Life; Evan Thompson) for the future of dynamic affective sciences (at BSP Engaged Phenomenology II). Matthew is also a Pipeline mentor and passionate about the development of philosophic pedagogy through artistic mediums, visual artist, poetry and games. He is first-generation higher education (Masters+) for his family, 22% Choctaw-Native American, born and raised in Austin, Texas. All drafts of his work can be found on, in the hopes of making higher education more transparent – please cite.