MIchelle McSweeney

Michelle McSweeney

Research Interests

  • digital communication, socio-linguistics, new media studies, online dating, lexico-social histories, technology pedagogy


  • Ph.D. CUNY Graduate Center

Michelle A. McSweeney is an adjunct assistant professor of Data Analysis and Visualization at the Graduate Center at CUNY, a visiting assistant professor in the School of Information at Pratt Institute, and the Senior Director of Data Quality at Converseon.ai, a social media analytics company. Her research focuses on digital communication, at both the interpersonal and societal levels. At the interpersonal level, she seeks to understand how we develop intimacy and trust through digital writing in romantic and platonic relationships. Her most recent project is to develop an interactive website where participants can quantify their own interaction patterns through text analysis and data visualization. Her research on this topic can be found on the podcast, Subtext that she co-hosts. At the societal level, she studies how technical and scientific innovation are written into language, and the ways that the traces of these innovations are written into our language. She currently has 2 books under contract addressing this perspective, "OK" and "Data." Finally, she primarily teaches interdisciplinary methods/technology courses and is working out the most effective way to teach methods in tandem with technology while incorporating a humanities and social science perspective on the environment producing these methods and technologies.

Publications in process:

  • In contract. “OK". New York: Bloomsbury. Print. Object Lessons.
  • In contract. "Data." New York: Oxford University Press. Print. Buzzwords.
  • Under review. Teaching methodology through technology, a hybrid studio-seminar approach.


  • 2018. “The Pragmatics of Text Messaging: Making Meaning in Messages". New York: Routledge.


  • 2017. I Text English to Everyone: Links between Second-Language Texting and Academic Proficiency. Languages, 2(3), 7. http://doi:10.3390/languages2030007
  • 2017. Chatting with the Natives. Harvard Design Magazine, “Seventeen,” Issue 44 F/W.

Creative and Other Work:

  • In preparation. Love Texts early 2020
  • 2018. Subtext: A Podcast
  • 2017. Visualizing Urban Language Ecologies
  • 2016. Spanish-English BYTs (Bilingual Youth Text Messages)
  • 2015. Languages Above the Subways
  • 2006. Zero’s Faith
    Installation piece at Scene Metrospace, East Lansing, MI