Nicolas Maxfield

beach and bridge

Research Interests

  • Rivers and watershed nutrient transport; Food-water-energy nexus; Environmental education

Advisor: Dr. Charles Vörösmarty

I have a bachelor's degree in Geography and master's degrees in International Affairs and in Sustainability in the Urban Environment. I have lived in Colombia, Puerto Rico, and the United States (I am bilingual with degrees in both English and Spanish). I am currently leading a startup called Blue Generation which is helping people track their waste habits and impacts in a way that is enriching and educational. My doctoral research is focused on understanding, modeling, and communicating the various factors dictating the transport of nutrients into and through streams and rivers, elaborating on techniques used by the US Geological Survey.

I am driven by the fact that freshwater resources are increasingly impacted by natural and human-made factors including agriculture, climate/climate change, technology, and policy. I believe that science should be accessible to a broad audience, and that the most important measure of success is in the application of one’s science in day-to-day activities. I accomplish this by dedicating myself to science education projects for high school students, particularly those who are unable to access quality education through conventional means. This is increasingly necessary as COVID continues to create obstacles for those who depend on public education.​