Patricia Cipollitti Rodríguez

patricia cipollitti

Patricia Cipollitti Rodríguez is a third-year PhD student at the CUNY Graduate Center. She studies social and political philosophy, feminism, and critical theory as well as the philosophies of Hegel and Marx. She also works on Latin American and decolonial philosophy. Broadly, Patricia is interested in understanding capitalism as a social order and form of life. This inquiry is motivated by a practical concern with prefiguring alternative ways of living. What does it mean, and what does it take, to relate more justly in a world structured by intertwined systems of domination? In this vein, her recent research investigates the possibilities and limits of political solidarity. A related line of inquiry explores models of participatory democracy. Patricia has a background in community and labor organizing, largely in support of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and the Fair Food Program. She is Senior Fellow at the GC's Center for Global Ethics and Politics. Patricia holds a BPhil master's degree in Philosophy from the University of Oxford and a B.S. in International Political Economy and Philosophy from Georgetown University.