Pedro Silvestre de Oliveira

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Research Interests

  • Geomorphology; landscape evolution; tectonic geomorphology; numerical models; cosmogenic isotopes

Advisor: Dr. Pedro Val

Pedro Silvestre de Oliveira is from Guarulhos - SP, Brazil. He started his academic journey in 2015 doing his undergraduate at the Federal University of Ouro Preto (Minas Gerais). He carried out two funded undergraduate research projects, which aimed to understand the mechanisms that drive the landscape evolution in Argentine Precordillera (Andes Range) and the north channel of the Amazon River, combining landscape evolution models (using Python) with advanced geomorphological analysis (using Matlab). The Andes research was presented at AGU Fall Meeting 2019 as a Poster Session and at a Regional Geology Congress in 2019 as an Oral Session. He got his undergraduate degree in June of 2022 after presenting the final undergraduate project about the influence of rocks, with different resistances to erosion, on the evolution of landscape evolution at the north channel of the Amazon River.