Sam Friedman

  Sam Friedman photo

Graduated: 2014

Post-Doctoral Position: Apple (Cupertino, CA)

Entering the Graduate Center's Computer Science department was a surprising climax to my circuitous educational journey. While expecting to attend Art School at NYU, my adviser, Professor Ioannis Stamos, presented me with the amazing opportunity to join his Computer Vision and Graphics Lab. The lab creates and studies 3D images of large urban scenes recorded by laser-based range-sensing cameras.

We record these high-resolution images (point clouds) at exciting locations in the city including Central Park, the World Trade Center Memorial (when it was still under construction), and all over the Upper East side of Manhattan. As well as recording the imagery, the lab develops novel algorithms to process it.

My thesis, for example, focussed on symmetry transformations of these 3D point clouds. We detected periodic, architectural features like windows and balconies using Fourier transformations. The thesis also developed a system for inferring stochastic shape-grammars from Irregular symmetries, like the self-similar branching patterns of trees.

After completing my dissertation, I moved from my beloved NYC to California. I now work at Apple in Cupertino. Here, I work on the 3D Flyover feature of iOS Maps.

At the GC I was able to study with accomplished and inspiring professors, in addition to my adviser. I especially loved the courses taught by Professors Victor Pan, Lei Xie, and Robert Haralick, to name a few. Professor Stamos was a wonderful guide, teacher and friend throughout the entire four and a half years of study.