Sergei Artemov

Sergei N. Artemov photo in black and white professor

Research Interests

  • Logic
  • automated deduction and verification

Sergei N. Artemov, a noted specialist in mathematical logic and theoretical computer science, has pioneered studies of the logic of proofs and justification logic. His scientific accomplishments include finding a classical provability model of Brouwer-Heyting-Kolmogorov constructive semantics, a foundational problem that was raised by Gödel and Kolmogorov in 1930s. Artemov has developed a justification logic that renders a new, evidence-based foundation for epistemic logic and provides the missing justification component to the formal framework for the analysis of knowledge that can be traced to Plato. Artemov, with other researchers, initiated studies of dynamic topological logic, now an active research area with applications in hybrid control systems.
Artemov’s current interests also include epistemology and game theory. Artemov earned his Ph.D. (1980) and Doctor of Sciences degree (1988) at Moscow University and the Russian Academy of Sciences; his mentor was Andrei N. Kolmogorov. While at Moscow University, Artemov became the founding chair of the research laboratory in logic and computer science. He came to CUNY in 2001 as a distinguished professor with years of experience acquired at Cornell and Stanford, as well as universities in France, Switzerland, Italy, and the Netherlands. He was a managing editor of the journal Annals of Pure and Applied Logic and an editor of the Elsevier monograph series Studies in Logic. He has authored more than 150 research papers and has supervised twenty-four Ph.D. dissertations.
Artemov is the recipient of the President of Russia’s Outstanding Scientist award. He gave the Spinoza Lecture for the European Association for Logic, Language, and Information; the Distinguished Lecture at the New York Academy of Sciences; Clifford Lectures at Tulane University; and a keynote address to Kurt Gödel Society in Vienna. At the Graduate Center, Artemov has founded the Research Laboratory for Logic and Computation, the Computer Science Colloquium, and the New York Logic Colloquium.