Stefano Ghirlanda

Stefano Ghirlanda - Professor -  profile photo

Research Interests

  • Behavior theory, associative learning, neural network models of behavior, stimulus generalization, architecture of behavior systems, mathematical modeling, cultural evolution


  • Ph.D., Stockholm University

Stefano Ghirlanda came to Brooklyn College in 2010 as the Carol L. Zicklin Chair (Visiting Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies). In 2012 he was appointed professor in psychology, with co-appointments in the Biology and Anthropology departments. He is also a founder and fellow of the Stockholm University Centre for the Study of Cultural Evolution. He considers himself a "behavior theorist" -- he is interested in data-driven, theoretical accounts of all aspects of human and non-human behavior, including their neural underpinnings, and in particular learning and generalization, the architecture of behavior, and cultural evolution.