Stefanos Milkidis

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Research Interests

  • Queer Geography; Cultural Studies; ACT UP Oral History Project; Urban Ethnography; New York City; Gentrification; Queer Theory; Spatial Politics; Urban Governance; Social Justice

Stefanos Milkidis is a New York-based scholar, artist and educator, whose practice spans between research, writing, and creative production. His work focuses on the intersections of queer theory, human geography, social and cultural ruminations on space, urban histories, and visual culture studies. For his dissertation, Stefanos explores an array of texts and images in which the representation of queer space in New York City provides an occasion for further and deeper considerations of fragmented histories, counter-knowledges, buried memories, and bygone practices. This line of research aims to make significant contributions not only to the reclaiming of forgotten, neglected or distorted narratives—which are nonetheless properly irreducible for queer historiography—but also towards an understanding of how queers currently use the city in a neoliberal context with excessive state monitoring, surveillance, and policing. Siding with the ethos of a radically defined approach to preserve both lost and extant queer spaces, he advocates for a sex-positive response to neoliberalism and other forms of oppression. 

Dr. Cindi Katz is his E.E.S. advisor.

Stefanos has an academic training in visual arts (B.A., M.A., M.F.A) and American Studies (M.A.). An Adjunct Professor at two CUNY colleges, he teaches “American Government” at BMCC, and “Introduction to Geography” at Lehman College. Since Spring 2020, he has been a visiting lecturer in the Math and Science department at Pratt Institute, teaching hybrid courses in earth and environmental sciences and cultural studies.