Sunil Bhaskaran

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Research Interests

  • Applications of geospatial techniques for mapping urban land use
  • Emergency services
  • Disaster management
  • Integrating and modeling spaceborne
  • Airborne remotely sensed data with GIS data for air pollution
  • Energy studies
  • Developing spatial decision support systems
  • Advanced per-pixel and object-based-classification approaches to extract urban features from high resolution space-borne data
  • Multispectral and hyperspectral data analysis for disaster management and vulnerability assessment


  • Ph.D. - School of Geomatic Engineering, UNSW, Sydney


Affiliated Campus(es)

  • Bronx Community College

Dr. Sunil Bhaskaran has a cumulative experience of over 22 yrs. in education, research, innovation, administration, and service at Australian and American universities. Dr. Sunil’s research interest is in the applications of geospatial technology particularly in the analyses of spaceborne and airborne multi-resolution imagery and GIS for a wide range of urban and environmental issues (Landcover change, climate change, disaster management, automated feature extraction techniques). Dr. Sunil made contributions in the Cooperative Research Center for spatial information (CRC-SI) projects including the MODIS Thematic Mapping Project and applications of Airborne and Spaceborne Imaging Spectrometers, spatial analyses, and modeling for Urban disaster management. He created a detailed spectral library of urban surface materials for Australia which was used in the calibration of imaging spectrometer datasets and advanced imaging spectrometer-based analyses. In Australia, he initiated research collaborations with federal and private agencies leading to research innovation and served on the regional and national committee of the Spatial Sciences Institute.

Since 2010, Dr. Sunil spearheaded the growth and development of geospatial technology at BCC-CUNY and was instrumental in building the multi-million-dollar geospatial center of the CUNY CREST Institute (BGCCCI) from the Ground Up. Affiliated faculty and students at the center have collaborated with CUNY and other institutes in designing, developing successful academic plans that has led to cutting-edge research, pathways curricula, workforce skills and career pathways in geospatial technology. Dr. Sunil has published widely in journal and in proceedings of conferences and has delivered over 50 talks/seminars.

Dr. Sunil leads United States National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technological Education (NFS-ATE) and National Aeronautics Space Administration’s MISTC projects (2016-2023). Dr. Sunil has served on the curriculum committee of the E.E.S. program and on the GC provosts committee for scholarships and awards to potential PhD candidates. Dr. Sunil was felicitated on several occasions by the Chair of the Board of Trustees, Vice Chancellor, and Provost of CUNY for securing institutional grants and outstanding contributions to the university.

Current Affiliations

Professor [2016-] BCC Campus – City University of New York, 807 Meister Hall, 2155 University Avenue, Bronx, New York, 10453 Tel: 718-289-5566 Email:

Doctoral Faculty [2009-] Earth and Environmental Sciences (E.E.S), CUNY Graduate Center, 365 5th Ave, New York, New York, 10016 Tel: 212-817-7000 Email:

Founding Director [2014-] BCC Geospatial Center of the CUNY CREST Institute, BCC Campus, 330 Meister Hall, 2155 University Avenue, Bronx, New York, 10453, Tel: 718-289-5523 Fax: 718-289-5548 Email:

Recent Publications:

2022 (Book Chapters)

Sunil Bhaskaran, Vladimir Berg, Jayant Kumar Shahi and Andrella Collins (2022), Integrated Urban Decarbonization Planning Tool for Global Cities. Proposed chapter in Book Volume Titled - "Application of Geospatial Technology and Artificial Intelligence in Urban-environmental Studies". Springer Nature (In review)

Asami Minei, Sunil Bhaskaran and Jin Shin (2022), Enhanced Satellite Data Products and Analyses for Carbon Sequestration Mapping in Urban Environments, Chapter in proposed Book titled - "Urban Metabolism and Climate Change: Perspective for Sustainable Cities", Springer Nature (In review)

2021 (Journal article)

Shahfahad, Swapan Talukdar, Mohd. Rihan, Hoang Thi Hang, Sunil Bhaskaran, Atiqur Rahman. Modelling urban heat island (UHI) and thermal field variation and their relationship with land use indices over Delhi and Mumbai metro cities, Environment, Development and Sustainability [Accepted].


Spatial Analyses for Students and Educators: Multidisciplinary hands-on GIS exercises with QGIS Opensource software. [2021] Publishers: Kindle Edition. Authors: Sunil Bhaskaran and Atiqur Rahman, pp 352.

2020 (Proceedings of conferences)

Moitrayee Dhar and Sunil Bhaskaran, Geospatial Analyses: Understanding the association between urban morphology and access to medical care during COVID-19, Geological Society of America [GSA] 2020 Connects Online [ 26-30 October 2020].



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Affiliated Campus(es)

  • Bronx Community College