Suzanne Tamang

Suzanne Tamang headshot alumni

Graduated: 2014

Post-Doctoral Position: Research Scientist, Stanford University School of Medicine

The “value” of a provider’s healthcare can be quantified by the ratio of patient outcomes achieved to overall service delivery cost.  My work focuses on the development of clinical text analysis for automatically extracting quality of care information from patient records and the development prediction models for proactively identifying future high-risk individuals;  such tools are critical to more accurately measuring the value of care, and moving the US towards a high-value care system.  I am based at Stanford’s Center for Biomedical Informatics Research, where I also completed my postdoctoral training at the Shah Lab.

Prior to pursuing doctoral studies at CUNY, I was a health services researcher at a large non-profit integrated delivery system in the New York Metropolitan area.   My passion for improving healthcare quality, paired with a long-standing interest in engineering, drove me to pursue a degree in computer science – I wanted to be part of the data-driven revolution that is now transforming healthcare.

I feel incredibly fortunate to the Graduate School and University Center for providing me with many of the formative experiences that shaped me into the researcher that I am today. I am indebted to my advisor, Simon Parsons, and to my unofficial co-adviser, Heng Ji. Together, they gave me the perfect balance of structure and creative independence, and taught me how to find that balance on my own.

Also, I am grateful to have had two great lab families -- the Agents Labs at Brooklyn College and to the BLENDER labs at Queens College.  My mentors and peers at both labs gave me the support I needed to flourish, the confidence I needed to teach other CUNY students, and the perseverance to complete my doctoral work.