Sydney Harvey


Sydney Harvey is a PhD student at CUNY, Graduate Center. She is interested in the philosophy of film, philosophy of mind, philosophy of race, and phenomenology. She seems to be obsessed with the philosophy of time. She is involved with the corrupt the youth philosophy program in New York High schools and runs a philosophy in prison program in Missouri. Sydney likes to make short films and she hosts a department film and philosophy series with a new theme each semester. If you are looking for her you can usually find her at art museums, galleries, or grocery stores. She likes to paint pictures during class and department colloquium. She is a funny person and sometimes performs standup comedy. Her favorite philosopher is Nietzsche and she feels no shame about that. Her least favorite philosophy is Descartes, she blames him for most of the world's troubles. If Sydney did not have a strong and compelling passion to be a philosopher she would be a farmer, the world needs more farmers.