Tong Lin

Tong-Line-headshot outside

Research Interests

  • Ocean color remote sensing, image processing, object detection

Advisor: Dr. Maria Tzortziou

I am Tong Lin, from China. I studied photoelectric for my Bachelor's degree. For my Master’s degree, my main research field was optical oceanography. The main content of my research was using a video system to detect moving objects on the water. I modified the commercial camera, removed its nir filter, using the band ratio method to detect the floating objects, as well as the geometric method to locate the floating objects, so as to achieve timely warning. And I used background subtraction instead of the traditional human eye to measure sea water transparency. Now that I'm doing my Ph.D. I've  joined Professor Maria Tzortziou’s program, the main goal is to use remote sensing data to process water parameters and do more in-depth research.