Vincent Delaurentis

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Vincent DeLaurentis is a student, researcher, and organizer. His primary interests center around the relationship between Le Corbusier’s design for Chandigarh, India and Post-Partition Indian nationalism, as well as the ways in which contemporary residents of the city disrupt its lauded grid system to open pathways to more-just spatial futures. Vincent first became interested in Geography as a tool for denaturalizing exploitative spatial relationships and understanding the world around him as a tenant organizer with Organizing Neighborhood Equity DC in Washington, DC. His research interests gained further nuance through his time living in Chandigarh, India. As an enthusiastic flaneur, Vincent had the privilege of meeting and building relationships with Chandigarh’s “off-the-grid” communities and witnessing the ways in which their disruptive, material, spatial practices undid elements of the city’s dominant ideology and offered glimpses of potential alternatives. With deep roots in community organizing and the labor movements both domestic and global, Vincent seeks to align his research to undergird and advance community-led liberation. Beyond Chandigarh, Vincent’s theoretical commitments and interests include contributing to the current growth of Queer geography and developing theories of Queer Spatial Practices, working to move beyond geographies that address LGBTQ people and towards an understanding of Queerness as a radical commitment to being “out of place.” Inspired by groups such as the Gay Liberation Front and Third World Gay Revolution, Vincent also hopes to deepen the connection, collaboration, and productive tension between Queer, Marxist, and Postcolonial Geographies. Vincent completed his B.S. at Georgetown University in the Program in Culture and Politics in 2017. Before coming to the Graduate Center, Vincent was Director of Outreach for the Worker Rights Consortium.