Xiannian Fan

xiannian_Fan headshot alumni

I spent four years full time study in Department of Computer Science at  Graduate Center (GC) CUNY after joined Ph.D program  in 2011 August.

When I joined the program, my research topic was theoretical computer science; I switched to topic of artificial intelligence and machine learning one year later.

Professor Changhe Yuan as my mentor offered me the valuable opportunity of carrying out research work in the field of artificial intelligence. I worked as research assistant in Uncertainty Reasoning Laboratory (URL Lab) for three years. Prof. Yuan is an active researcher in artificial intelligence field. He gave me maximum freedom to develop myself and always guide us to correct research direction. The PhD study largely deepens my knowledge of computer science, improves my ability to solve practical problems and contributes much to my career.

I would like to express my gratitude to our great officers and professors.  Whenever students have problems, they always do their best to help student.

I still remember Prof. Haralick and Mr. Vincent J. DeLuca helped when I have problem about registration; I also remember that Mr. Paul Croser helped me a lot for visa and work authorization. In GC, students, officer and professors are like in a big family!

From 2015 May, I have started my career at Uber as software engineer and have been here for a year. My work was to develop machine learning systems for detecting fraud at Uber.  Looking back upon my life as a graduate student at GC, I got the chance of systematically learning the knowledge of computer science and its related disciplines. I would say with gratitude that it had been such a rewarding and fulfilling journey that will inspire me forever.