Zachary Paganini

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Research Interests

  • Urban geography, climate change, housing, environmental governance.

Dissertation Topic: The Future of NYC Waterfront Housing in an Era of Climate Change

Advisor: William Solecki

My research focuses on the impacts of climate change on coastal housing, and coastal real estate markets. In previous work dating back to 2014 I studied how changes to the National Flood Insurance Program will impact the residents of Canarsie, Brooklyn, and found that the history of racialized subprime lending poses serious challenges to residents' flood insurance take up and to equitable adaptation more broadly. Going forward I aim to use my dissertation to examine how the real estate industry will restructure waterfront profitability in an age of climate change, and to draw out the relationship between places like Canarsie where adaptation discussions center around coastal retreat, and places like Long Island City where adaptation planning entails infrastructure investment and luxury redevelopment.