Fall 2023
Wednesdays, 4:15 P.M. to 6:15 P.M, Room 9205/9206

9/13    Rachell Powell
             Professor of Philosophy, Boston University
            “Social norms and superorganisms: The normative foundations of ultracooperation”

9/20    Jason D’Cruz
            Associate Professor of Philosophy, University at Albany
            “Trust, Intimacy, and Courage”

9/27      Sukaina Hirji
              Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania
              “Towards a Relational Stance”

10/4      No colloquium

10/11    Tania Lombrozo
               Arthur W. Marks ’19 Professor of Psychology, Princeton University
               “A functional approach to explaining explanation”

10/18    Jennan Ismael
               William H. Miller III Professor of Philosophy, Johns Hopkins University
               “Godel meets Laplace: how self-reference undermines prediction”

10/25    Galen Strawson
               Professor of Philosophy, University of Texas at Austin
               “‘The problem of the relation of mind and matter can be completely solved’ (Russell 1959)”

11/1      Jenny Saul
               Waterloo Chair in Social and Political Philosophy of Language University of Waterloo
               “Figleaves for Falsehood”

11/8      Alex Guerrero
               Professor of Philosophy, Rutgers University
               “Power Inversion Democracy”

11/15    Joshua Knobe
               Professor of Philosophy, Psychology, and Linguistics, Yale University
               “In a Deeper Sense”

11/22    No colloquium

11/29    Anandi Hattiangadi
               Professor of Philosophy, Stockholm University
               “Why Large Language Models Don’t Understand Natural Language and Probably Won’t Any Time Soon"

12/6      Student Job Talks

12/13    Student Job Talks