Spring 2023
Wednesdays, 4:15 P.M. to 6:15 P.M, Room 9205/9206

2/15    Chaz Firestone
            Assistant Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences, Johns Hopkins
            “What Do the Inattentionally Blind See? Evidence from 10,000 Subjects”

2/22    Robin Dembroff
            Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Yale
            “Erecting Real Men”

3/1      Harvey Lederman
            Professor of Philosophy, Princeton

3/8     Alison Jaggar
           Professor Emerita and College Professor of Distinction,
           Philosophy and Women and Gender Studies, University of Colorado, Boulder
           Marx Wartofsky Annual Lecture

3/15    Delia Baldassari
            Professor of Sociology, NYU
           “How Does Prosocial Behavior Extend Beyond In-Group Boundaries in Complex Societies?”

3/22    Myrto Mylopolous
            Associate Professor of Philosophy, Carleton University
            CUNY Alumni Lecture
            “Skilled Action Guidance: A Problem for Intellectualism about Skill”

3/29    Josh Armstrong
            Assistant Professor of Philosophy, UCLA
            “The Social Origins of Language”

4/19    Denise Vigani
            Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Seton Hall<
            “Improvisation, Love, and Virtue”

4/26    Naomi Zack
            Professor of Philosophy, Lehman College
            “Metaphysical Racism and Racist Populism

5/3      Sean Kelly
            Teresa G. and Ferdinand F. Martignetti Professor of Philosophy, Harvard