Advanced Certificate

In addition to the standard master’s degree, the Philosophy Program offers an Advanced Certificate in Philosophy of Art to its Ph.D. and M.A. students. Students pursuing this Certificate en route to completing their M.A. take four Philosophy courses in philosophy of art and two courses in an arts program (e.g. Music, Theatre, Art History). With the right selection of courses, and in consultation with the Executive Officer, students can complete the Certificate within the normal time of completion for the standard M.A.

Specifically, students will take:

  • 2 core courses in Philosophy of Art: 
  • a course that offers a broad survey of the philosophy of art; and,
  • a course in the history of philosophy of art, ancient and modern.
  • 2 elective courses in philosophy of art
  • 2 courses in an arts-related department outside the Philosophy Program

Certificate students also have the normal M.A. requirements to fulfill, but most of those requirements can be satisfied by the courses listed above (e.g., a history of philosophy of art satisfies distribution Group D).