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The Political Science program frequently reports on notable student and alum news and accomplishments. Our department newsletter, Homo Politicus, also regularly features interviews with students and alum about their research, their time at the GC, their plans for the future and their experience in the job market.

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Recent Alum News and Interviews

Alum Dissertations

For full dissertations, please visit CUNY's Academic Works for dissertations from 2014-present or the Mina Rees Library for dissertations prior to 2014.   

Alum Outcomes

The Graduate Center's Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness makes data available on alum through Tableau. For Political Science, data shows:

  • In recent years, 6-22 doctoral degrees have been awarded annually. 
  • The current (as of Fall 2020) median time-to-degree is 10.4 years (by graduation year) and 6.0 years (by entering cohort).
  • Graduates (2003-2016) work in following job sectors: education (72%), government (11%), and non-profit (7%).

Student Voices

The GC’s political science program is a great academic network that I hope to continue to engage with after graduation, wherever I end up for doctoral study. I will be better prepared to enter a doctoral program because of my incredibly useful time at the GC.

— Abby Dobson

M.A. Student

headshot: Abby Dobson

Student News and Interviews

Aug 29, 2022

Advice for Thriving at the Graduate Center

These recent graduates and current students give their tips to those who are just starting their graduate school journey.

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Alum Voices

I came to our program to learn about city government, particularly NYC’s. So having the opportunity to work at a social services organization that contracts with a major city agency, I feel extra prepared due to my time at the GC. We talk so much about public policy in a theoretical sense, it’s fulfilling to be on the front lines of policy implementation.

— Adam Sachs


headshot: Adam Sachs

Alum News and Interviews

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