Images of Research

Can you convey the excitement and importance of your research in a single, dynamic image?

Side of GC building with Images of Research description and banner

Can you convey the excitement and importance of your research in a single, dynamic image?

CUNY Graduate Center’s Images of Research seeks to showcase students’ varied and fascinating research in a new, visual format – a way to celebrate students and their work. It will also offer to the public and the Graduate Center community a glimpse of the important and exciting projects Graduate Center students pursue every day.

A selection committee of six staff and faculty members from across the GC will choose the best images for display. Images will be exhibited in several ways: displayed prominently at the Graduate Center, posted to the Graduate Center’s Instagram and other social media channels, highlighted on the website, and displayed digitally on signage throughout 365 Fifth Avenue as well as the Advanced Science Research Center. The images will remain on display for up to one year and may be used for other printed or digital collateral.

Image Submission Guidelines

All fields of research are eligible. The image submitted can represent a student’s work literally or abstractly. It can be an image of the actual research, capturing the research in action, a visual interpretation or illustration of the research, or an image of the impact of the research. Please note, the image should be of the research itself, not necessarily the researcher. Creativity and originality are encouraged.

Each student is limited to one submission and attests that the image is wholly owned by them and available for use by the Graduate Center. The student also agrees that if the image is selected for display, their name and submission may be used for promotional and publicity purposes.

Review the specifications for submissions: 

Resolution: photos should be 300 DPI in resolution. Photos will appear on extra-large posters and digital screens, so resolution is critical. Low resolution / “pixelated” photos will not be published.

Photo editing: all photos should remain unaltered, unless clearly marked as a photo illustration. Images that have been manipulated without explanation or indication will not be chosen.

Candid vs. Posed: photos submitted to the Graduate Center Images of Research should be candid in nature. Compelling photos in research environment and during performances will be most impactful. Photos of a speaker at a podium are acceptable but should be avoided if better alternatives exist.

Framing the shot: photos should be shot horizontally. Vertical images will not be used.

Focus: photos that are out of focus will not be used.

Caption: Each photo should include a brief caption (150 words or less) that explains the image, how or why it was created, and its relationship to the student’s research. Captions should identify all people in the photo; the name of the location where the photo was taken; the approximate date on which it was taken; and other pertinent information. The caption should be written in layman’s terms for a public audience.

Title: A title (less than 10 words) for the work is also required.

Credit: Whenever possible, include a photo credit.

Photo Usage

The photos submitted and chosen by the CUNY Graduate Center and displayed for the CUNY Graduate Center Images of Research are free to media representatives for purposes of news coverage, as well as available to individuals for private, not-for-profit use at no charge.

Use of submitted images in commercial, non-news-related publications and websites, or any other for-profit use, is prohibited.

Appropriate credits for each image must be used. If a credit is not listed with the image in question, the credit will read “Image courtesy of the CUNY Graduate Center.” The Graduate Center’s Office of Communications and Marketing reserves the right to withhold access to images if false representation is suspected or there are questions about intended usage.

Copyright restrictions may apply to non-Graduate Center photos displayed on the Graduate Center Images of Research website listed above.

Submission Deadline

The submission deadline was Sunday, May 15, 2022.  Questions can be directed to

Submission winners will be announced on Wednesday, June 1. There will be $250 cash prizes awarded to four students whose images are selected.

Image submissions will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • an image that sparks curiosity or wonder around the research subject
  • creativity and originality of the image
  • overall visual impact and aesthetic appeal of the image