Assistant Program Officers

The Assistant Program Officer, under the general direction of the Executive Officer, is responsible for the operation of the program office. In the absence of the Executive Officer, the Assistant Program Officer may take on administrative tasks such as monitoring the efficient flow of paperwork, ensuring that deadlines (admissions, financial aid, immigration, registration, level changes, advancement to candidacy, and so on) are met, and other such administrative details necessary to the smooth operation of the program and the school as a whole. Assistant Program Officers are appointed in the Higher Education Officer series at the rank of Assistant to HEO and are covered by the PSC-CUNY Agreement regarding salary, reappointment schedules, and other contractual provisions. The Provost's Office schedules meetings of all Assistant Program Officers during the academic year. Various administrative staff members are invited to each meeting to provide an opportunity for the exchange of information and the coordination of various activities at The Graduate Center.

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