The Provost's Office is responsible for several committees. See also CUNY Graduate Council for standing committees and other committees of the Graduate Council. See Program Governance for information on standing committees of doctoral programs.

(The Graduate School Governance document, Section 2.2A)

The Academic Review Committee (ARC) consists of the Provost as chair and six members elected for two-year terms by the Executive Officers from among their ranks. The terms are staggered, and usually half of the total members are elected each year. The Assistant Vice President for Human Resources is an ex officio non-voting member. The Provost votes only to break a tie. The Committee reviews all proposals for faculty (teaching and librarian) appointments (including Distinguished Professor nominations), reappointments, non-reappointments, promotions, tenure, and leaves of absence, and makes recommendations to the President.

To recommend admission and awards procedures and standards for the program; to administer the procedures.

The Central Faculty Steering Committee meets periodically to discuss issues of concern to faculty whose appointments are at The Graduate School. The 2022-2023 members are:

  • Prof. Andrea Alù (Physics; ASRC)
  • Prof. Norman Carey (Music)
  • Prof. Nathalie Etoke (French; Liberal Studies)
  • Prof. Lilia Maliar (Economics)
  • Prof. Enrique Pujals (Mathematics)
  • Prof. Tony Ro (Cognitive Neuroscience; Psychology; Biology)
  • Prof. Martin Ruck (Educational Opportunity and Diversity; Urban Education; Psychology; Africana Studies)
  • Prof. Orie Shafer (Biology; Cognitive Neuroscience)
  • Prof. Polly Thistlethwaite (Library)
  • Prof. Anne Valk (History; American Social History Project/Center for Media and Learning)

The Doctoral Faculty Policy Committee is elected by the faculty. It functions as the voice of the doctoral faculty of The City University of New York. Established in 1971, the twelve-member committee represents the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Members consider issues of direct relevance to the doctoral programs, are responsible for setting the agenda for the biannual doctoral faculty meetings, and seek nominations of doctoral faculty to run in the University Faculty Senate election to represent The Graduate Center.

2020-21 Members

Prof. Martin Burke, History - Chair
Prof. Richard Bodnar (Psychology)                                                                              
Prof. Jill Cirasella (Library)                                                                                           
Prof. Alexander Gamburd (Mathematics)                                                                                                       
Prof. Christos Giannikos (Economics)                                                                         
Prof. Matthew Gold                                                                                                       
Prof. Jonathan Peters (Earth and Environmental Sciences)                                                                                              
Prof. Carlos Riobo (LAILAC)                                                                                        
Prof. John Terilla (Mathematics)                                                                                  
Prof. Nelly Tournaki (Urban Education)                                                                                
Prof. Elena Vesselinov (Sociology)                                                                                                    
Prof. Barbara Weinstein (Audiology)                                                                              

Graduate Council committees include:

  • Graduate Council Executive Committee
  • Committee on Structure
  • Committee on Curriculum and Degree Requirements
  • Committee on Research
  • Committee on Committees
  • Committee on Student Services
  • Committee on Student Academic Appeals
  • Library Committee
  • Committee on Information Technology
  • Budget Committee

Read more about them on our Graduate Council page.

Each program has the following Standing Committees (and such other committees as its faculty, its governance structure, and its Executive Committee may determine), with the following charges.

Faculty Membership: To nominate members of the program's faculty with a view toward including in the doctoral program faculty newly appointed at the colleges; to maintain a roster of potential doctoral faculty appointments; to record annually the status of those faculty members currently designated; to review all other actions taken in regard to membership on the doctoral faculty.

Curriculum and Examinations: To review curriculum and to submit curriculum recommendations for action; to recommend procedures and standards for the conduct of examinations.

Admission and Awards: To recommend admission and awards procedures and standards for the program; to administer the procedures.

Elections: To conduct all program elections.

For further details, see the GC Bylaws and Governance document.  For members of Graduate Council standing committees, see  Graduate Council.