Doctoral and Masters Programs

The Graduate Center, CUNY offers graduate studies in the following programs (the date of inception of the program follows the degrees offered). The CUNY doctoral programs are accredited by the Middle States Association [PDF]. Click on a program name to link to that program's web site.

See Executive Officers for the names and terms of Executive Officers; click here for a list of programs detailing Executive Officers, Assistant Program Officers, room locations, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address, etc. [in PDF format]

Anthropology Ph.D., 1966
Art History Ph.D., 1971
Biochemistry Ph.D., 1966
Biology Ph.D., 1963
Business Ph.D., 1965
Chemistry Ph.D., 1962
Classics M.A., 1970
Ph.D., 1986
Comparative Literature M.A., Ph.D., 1968
Computer Science Ph.D., 1985
Criminal Justice Ph.D., 1981
Earth and Environmental Sciences Ph.D., 1983
Economics Ph.D., 1962
Educational Psychology Ph.D., 1969
English Ph.D., 1962
French Ph.D., 1968
Health Sciences Doctoral Programs  
     Audiology Au.D., 2005
     Nursing DNS, 2006
Hispanic & Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Languages [Name changed from Ph.D. Program in Spanish in 1992] Ph.D., 1967
History Ph.D., 1964
Liberal Studies M.A., 1981
Linguistics M.A., Ph.D., 1971
Mathematics Ph.D., 1964
Music Ph.D., 1967
     Musical Arts in Performance D.M.A., 1986
     Composition D.M.A., 1989
Philosophy M.A., Ph.D., 1966
Physics Ph.D., 1964
Political Science M.A., Ph.D., 1965
Psychology Ph.D., 1962
Social Welfare D.S.W., 1973
     Changed to Ph.D., 2003  
Sociology Ph.D., 1965
Speech-Language- Hearing Sciences [Name changed from Ph.D. Program in Speech and Hearing Sciences in 2007 ] Ph.D., 1965
Theatre and Performance Ph.D., 1968
Urban Education Ph.D., 2000