Doctoral Faculty (Appointment)

The CUNY doctoral faculty includes those with appointments at The Graduate Center (often called "Graduate Center" (or "central") appointments) and those from the CUNY colleges who have been nominated by the academic programs for membership on the doctoral faculty. The doctoral faculty are listed on our website directory. Graduate Center appointments (including recruitment, appointment, personnel actions, and workload) are discussed in a separate section.

The program's Faculty Membership Committee recommends appointments to the doctoral faculty. A nomination form for appointment is then submitted to the Provost's Office. Appointment to the doctoral faculty is governed by procedures detailed in the Graduate Center Governance document, Section 6.1, as follows (see also Section 4, Certificate Programs, and Section 6.2, Faculty Membership in Certificate Programs and Other Educational Programs).

  • 6.1B Appointment to the doctoral faculty is initiated by means of written nomination from the appropriate program committee(s) to the Provost and is effective when the appointment is approved by the Provost. Executive Officers may make temporary appointments to the doctoral faculty to meet emergency needs (see 6.1I below). Appointment to the doctoral faculty may not be initiated by the Provost or President except in the case of newly established doc-toral or certificate programs (6.1A and 6.2A), or in extra-ordinary circumstances with the approval of the Academic Review Committee.

  • 6.1C The continued membership of each faculty member of each doctoral program shall be reviewed regularly by the Faculty Membership Committee and/or Executive Commit-tee of each program in accordance with the program's faculty membership policy.

  • 6.1D The program's governance structure shall stipulate whether nomination for appointment is made by (a) the Faculty Membership Committee, (b) the Executive Commit-tee, or (c) the Executive Committee after recommendation by the Faculty Membership Committee, and the criteria employed by the program for nomination to, and continuance on, the doctoral faculty. Criteria shall include:

    1. a determination that the faculty member will make a significant contribution relevant to the needs of the program, and

    2. evidence of significant research relevant to the doctoral program, or

    3. evidence of qualification to teach a doctoral course or provide other doctoral-level training, or

    4. evidence of qualification to supervise doctoral dissertations or other graduate-level research.

  • 6.1E A member may be removed from the doctoral faculty on the recommendation of the appropriate program committee(s) (above), but only after the member has been given one year's prior notice of the intention to remove.

  • 6.1F The faculty member may appeal the decision to remove to the program's Executive Committee, the Provost, and the President.

  • 6.1G The appointment of full-time CUNY faculty as members of the doctoral faculty (except as in 6.1I below) confers full rights and duties.

  • 6.1H Only members of the doctoral faculty may teach a doctoral-level course more than twice or chair dissertation committees.

  • 6.1I In order to meet emergency needs, an Executive Officer may directly recommend to the Provost appointment of individuals to the doctoral faculty for a period of one semester or one year. Such temporary appointments may not be repeated for a cumulative total of more than one academic year (two semesters). Notification of such appointments shall be conveyed to the Faculty Membership Committee and/or the Executive Committee. Temporary appointees do not have voting rights in the program, nor may they be appointed to program committees.

  • 6.1J Part-time CUNY faculty and faculty or professionals at other institutions may be recommended for adjunct appointment to the doctoral faculty. Their rights and duties with respect to strictly academic activities (e.g., chairing a dissertation committee) are in no way different from those of other doctoral faculty.

Appointments to the faculty of certificate and master's programs are made on separate forms: [Certificate Program]; [Master's Program]

Annual Review of Program Faculty

The Faculty Membership Committee, chaired by the Executive Officer, should review the program's current faculty each year. If the committee recommends removal of any doctoral faculty member, that person should be given one year's advance notice of such removal—in writing, with a copy to the Provost. If a doctoral faculty member resigns or retires, the Provost should also be notified.

Professor Emeritus

At all CUNY colleges, including The Graduate Center, the title of Professor Emeritus is automatically conferred on full professors who honorably retire after more than 10 years of service. In exceptional cases the title may be conferred on associate or assistant professors or on full professors with fewer than 10 years of service (CUNY Manual of General Policy, p. 229). When a faculty member with a Graduate Center appointment is anticipating retirement, please notify the Provost's Office with the name, address, and effective date of retirement. The Provost's Office will write to the professor conferring the emeritus title if the criteria are met.

Emeritus status in a doctoral program is distinct from emeritus status at a college. The Faculty Membership Committee of a doctoral program may request the designation of Professor Emeritus for a retiring member of the doctoral faculty whose appointment is at another CUNY college. When notified of an anticipated retirement (and the committee makes an emeritus recommendation), please send the request to the Provost's Office.

In Academic Year 2002-03, the Academic Planning Committee (APC) met to consider and prioritize the recommendations of the Middle States self-study (2000) and the report of the Committee on Doctoral Education in the First Decade of the 21st Century (2001). One recommendation the APC asked the Provost to address was: "The procedures for appointment to the doctoral faculty must be made more transparent. Any inequities or causes for concern should be addressed."

To determine how the CUNY doctoral programs make appointments to the faculty (and how they remove members of the doctoral faculty), the Associate Provost and Dean for Academic Affairs surveyed the Executive Officers in Fall 2003. The results, both in summary form and in detail, may be accessed in PDF files.