Emeritus Status

At all CUNY colleges, including The Graduate Center, the title of Professor Emeritus is automatically conferred on full professors who honorably retire after more than 10 years of service. In exceptional cases the title may be conferred on associate or assistant professors or on full professors with fewer than 10 years of service (CUNY Manual of General Policy, p. 229). When a faculty member with a Graduate Center based appointment is anticipating retirement, please notify the Provost's Office with the name, address, and effective date of retirement. The Provost's Office will write to the professor conferring the emeritus title if the criteria are met.

Emeritus status in a doctoral program is distinct from emeritus status at a college. The Faculty Membership Committee of a doctoral program may request the designation of Professor Emeritus for a retiring member of the doctoral faculty whose appointment is at another CUNY college. When notified of an anticipated retirement (and the committee makes an emeritus recommendation), please send the request to the Provost's Office.