Student Recruitment and Retention

Faculty involvement in both recruitment and retention of graduate students, particularly ethnic minority students, should be encouraged. Low rates of participation in graduate education by African Americans, American Indians, Latinos, and Puerto Ricans are a problem which The Graduate Center is committed to addressing. Programs should evaluate how financial aid distribution contributes to both recruitment and retention of students and develop explicit policies on how these resources are best used. The program's Admissions and Awards Committee plays a central role in this effort. Programs may apply to the Provost for student recruitment funds.

Programs should also consider how socialization into the program and into the discipline occurs for their students. Mentoring and social support might be provided for students through a number of mechanisms: seminar groups related to special research interests, required research involvement with faculty, workshops for professional activities such as conference presentations. Consult with Professor Herman Bennett, Executive Officer, Office of Educational Opportunity and Diversity Programs (212-817-7540), on recruitment and retention issues.

Updated 5 May 2015