Zero-Credit Courses

The Graduate Center policy is that (I) no grade will be given for a zero-credit course, and (2) zero-credit courses will not appear on a student's transcript. Some specific examples are described below.

Dissertation Workshops. Level III students may register for zero-credit dissertation workshops offered by their programs. If five or more students are registered in the course for zero credit, the faculty member will be eligible to receive workload credit for the course, assuming that it meets the same amount of time as a three-credit course. This type of dissertation workshop is included among the courses subject to the program's course limit.

Professional Development Workshops or Colloquia. Workshops and colloquia may be set up with zero credits. A faculty member will be eligible to receive workload credit for the course if five or more students are registered for the course (assuming that the course meets the same number of hours as a three-credit course). A zero-credit professional development course will count toward the program's course limit. Workshops or colloquia in which students register solely as auditors may not be counted for faculty workload credit.

Variable-Credit Courses that Permit the Option of Zero Credits. To be consistent with the policy of not putting zero-credit courses on students' transcripts, variable-credit courses may not include zero credits among the options. Courses that include zero credits as an option (such as "0-12 credits") in the

Note: Level III students who want to register for credit-bearing courses may do so as auditors. Audited courses appear on the transcript and receive the grade of AU. Auditors do not count toward the minimum course registration.