Course Withdrawal, Grading, and Transfer Credits

Most administrative matters pertaining to course withdrawal, grading, and transfer credits are handled by the Registrar's Office at The Graduate Center. Please refer to the website for the Registrar's Office for all official GC policies, and for updates on University-wide forms and procedures.

The Psychology Executive Office has instituted additional policies to help students with the forms and procedures required by the Registrar's Office. These are outlined under the headings below, and are intended to ease the process of completing forms correctly and obtaining official signatures.

If you still have questions after reviewing the information below, please contact the APO of Academic Support and Student Progress at

Please see the headings below for forms, requirements, and procedures related to course withdrawal, grading, and transfer credits:

For Psychology students
Please use the form:  

The completed form should be sent as an email attachment to the APO at, in the Psych Executive Office. The APO will get the EO’s Signature and forward the form to the Registrar’s office.

COVID-19 Grading Update
We strongly suggest that faculty and students familiarize themselves with the policy, read over the FAQ, and Flexible Grading Policy: Faculty Information, all of which are updated frequently and posted on the CUNY Coronavirus Update site​.
Regarding the CR/NC Policy and Incompletes
If a student receives a grade INC, the INC will remain on the transcript until the actual grade is earned and posted. At that time, the twenty business day opt-in period begins.

Satisfactory Academic Progress
Students must maintain satisfactory progress toward degree.

Standards for Retention
Students' record will be evaluated at the end of each semester, and matriculation may be terminated for unsatisfactory academic performance - generally considered less than a "B" average and/or failure to meet other program requirements.

If you are considering transferring credits:

  • Read the GC Policy and Procedure: Transfer of Academic Credits.
  • Please check the Student Handbook for your Training Area for specific Transfer Credit Requirements.
  • Official Transcripts: If the Admissions Office received official transcripts in your admissions package, please attach a copy of the transcript to the Transfer Credit Form.
  • If the there is no official transcript on file, students will need to order an official transcript from the appropriate school(s). (Keep the transcript and original envelope together – they will later be attached to the Transfer Credit Form.)
  • Undergraduate courses taken in excess of baccalaureate requirements may not be offered as advanced standing; nor may Graduate courses taken to meet admission requirements.
  • The final 30 credits for the PhD degree must be taken at The City University.
  • For the PhD Degree, a student may transfer from other accredited universities not more than 30 credits approved by the Department (no grade below B accepted).
  • The student’s faculty advisor reviews courses with their advisee – students should be prepared to show course descriptions and syllabus of proposed courses to be transferred.
  • Faculty advisor completes the Transfer Credit Form with their advisee:

1.    Discipline, EMPL ID #, Date of Admission, Name and address of student;
2.    Term Ending (Semester in which course was taken), Name of Institution, Course Title and Course Number, Grade received;
3.    CUNY Equivalent (Course name AND number OR number of equivalent blanket credits), CUNY Credits (leave blank if Blanket Credits), Graduate Advisor Signature and Date,* and Executive Officer Signature and date.
4.    Flag courses on the original transcript that are being transferred
5.    If original transcript is not on file in the Admission's Office, attach student’s original transcript and envelope to form. Faculty Advisor should print their name underneath their signature.
6.    Advisor signs and dates form

  • All original paperwork should be hand delivered or mailed using trackable mail to the APO for review, EO’s signature and processing through the administration.

Please mail paperwork to:
            Basya Kasinitz
            APO of Academic Support and Student Progress
            365 Fifth Avenue, Room 6304.34
             New York, NY  10016

  • Please make sure the Administrative person of your training area is copied on all correspondence with the Psychology Executive Office.