En-Route Master's Degree

Most administrative matters pertaining to the en-route master's degree are handled by the Registrar's Office at The Graduate Center. Please refer to the website for the Registrar's Office for all official GC policies, and for updates on University-wide forms and procedures.

The Psychology Executive Office has instituted additional policies to help students with the forms and procedures required by the Registrar's Office. These are outlined under the headings below, and are intended to ease the process of completing forms correctly and obtaining official signatures.

If you still have questions after reviewing the information below, please contact the APO of Academic Support and Student Progress at bkasinitz@gc.cuny.edu.

En-Route Master's Degree

Please see the headings below for forms, requirements, and procedures related to the en-route master's degree:

The Graduate Center is now officially able to grant an MA in Psychology to all Psychology Ph.D. students, regardless of their Training Area’s campus-based affiliation.
The previous system required the En-Route Master's to be granted by the campus where the Training Area is based. An En-Route Master’s granted by The Graduate Center bypasses lengthy campus-based procedures, and is processed more quickly.
If you have a time deadline and need to receive your En-Route Master’s by a certain degree award date, it is best to file your paperwork by the appropriate deadline and to request the En-Route Master’s from the GC – not a CUNY Senior College.

Basic Requirements for an En-Route Master's:

  • A minimum of 45 GPA credits with an average grade of "B" (Transfer Credits do not qualify for the 45 credit requirement for the En-Route Master's.)
  • Pass the First Doctoral Exam
  • Completion of a Major Research Paper
  • Registered as full-time the semester the paperwork is filed

Which college campus will grant my degree?
En-Route Master’s degrees are granted by The Graduate Center or by the Training Area’s CUNY Senior College. Psychology students may choose which campus they would like their degree granted from, depending on the options offered by their Training Area:

Psychology students whose Training Areas are housed at the GC (Developmental, Critical /Social Personality, and Environmental Psychology) have two options, either:

  1. An En-Route Master’s in the Training Area field (Developmental, Critical /Social Personality, or Environmental Psychology) granted by the GC
  2. An En-Route Master’s in General Psychology granted by the GC

Clinical @ Queens students have three options, either:

  1. An En-Route Master’s in Behavioral Neuroscience granted by Queens College
  2. An En-Route Master’s in General Psychology granted by Queens College
  3. An En-Route Master’s in General Psychology granted by the GC

All other campus-based Psychology students have two options, either:

  1. An En-Route Master’s in General Psychology granted by their Training Area’s campus (Baruch, Brooklyn, City, Hunter, JJay, CSI, Queens)
  2. An En-Route Master’s in General Psychology granted by the GC

Please indicate which campus you would like your degree granted from on Line #5 on the En-Route Master’s Application:

En-Route MA_Campus Options picture

Please note, the En-Route Master’s granting process will always be faster if you are requesting the GC as the granting institution, verses a Training Area’s campus as the granting institution.

All questions concerning the MA degree award should be initially directed to bkasinitz@gc.cuny.edu. If you requested a degree from a Training Area-specific CUNY campus, Jude may direct your questions to the Registrar of that specific campus.

Students seeking an En-Route Master’s Degree must complete the following application:

Psychology students must process all paperwork for the En-Route Master’s Degree through the Psychology Executive Office at The Graduate Center.

  • Submit the completed En-Route Master’s Application AND a Major Research Paper to bkasinitz@gc.cuny.edu as email attachments. Both documents must be received in order to process the request for the En-Route Masters.
  • The En-Route Master’s Application must be signed by three Faculty Members who have read and approved the Major Paper. Electronic Signatures or email approvals from a CUNY email address are currently being accepted.
  • The APO will get the Executive Officer’s signature, and will forward the paperwork to the Registrar’s Office for processing.
  • The GC Registrar will review all documents. En-Route Master’s Applications requesting the GC as the granting institution will be processed within a week or so.
  • En-Route Master’s Applications requesting a Training Area’s campus as the granting institution will require En-Route Master’s documentation be forwarded to the designated Senior College for final processing and granting approval. This could take several weeks or more.
  • There will be a notation posted on your transcript when the En-Route Master’s has been awarded. The transcript will also note if the En-Route Master’s has been sent to another CUNY Senior College to grant the degree.

Degree Award Dates for an En-Route Master’s:
The dates at the top of the application form are the Degree Award Dates and not the submission deadline dates. These are the same award dates as the PhD degree.

Application for En-Route Master’s Degree (Award Dates)      
September            February             June            20_____   

The 'deposit' deadlines are the same for both the PhD and the En-Route Master’s:

  • Roughly the third week in September (this year September 15, 2020) for a September 30th degree
  • The last week in January for a February 1st degree
  • April 30th for a June degree

How and when will I receive my physical degree?
The physical degree will be available at the annual June Commencement. Degrees are printed one time each year in May. Please contact the Registrar's Office after the third week of June to either pick up your degree, or have your degree mailed to you: registrar@gc.cuny.edu