Levels I, II, and III

Most administrative matters pertaining to academic levels are handled by the Registrar's Office at The Graduate Center. Please refer to the website for the Registrar's Office for all official GC policies, and for updates on University-wide forms and procedures.

The Psychology Executive Office has instituted additional policies to help students with the forms and procedures required by the Registrar's Office. These are outlined under the headings below, and are intended to ease the process of completing forms correctly and obtaining official signatures.

If you still have questions after reviewing the information below, please contact the APO of Academic Support and Student Progress at bkasinitz@gc.cuny.edu.

Levels I, II, and III

Please see the headings below for forms, requirements, and procedures related to academic levels at The Graduate Center:

The Graduate Center Bulletin: Levels - Doctoral Students

Doctoral tuition charges are based on a student’s “level,” which is determined by a combination of the number of graduate credits completed (including, in the case of transfer students, credits accepted by the student’s degree program and the Office of the Registrar) and specific academic accomplishments.

Doctoral levels are determined by completion of credits, examinations, and advancement to candidacy. 

Note that once you have completed 45 credits and have passed the First Doctoral Exam you will be automatically advanced to Level II by the Registrar's Office. No form is required.