Curriculum and Degree Information

In this intellectual and practical context, we have crafted our training model for a rigorous and exciting five-year Ph.D. program. Student support includes a combination of teaching fellowships and research assistantships. Twenty-two credits are taken during the first year, including required courses with a focus on Developmental Psychology Theory and Developmental Psychology Research Methods, culminating in a first doctoral exam at the end of the year. Foundational courses continue into the second year, when students also begin to take electives across areas for variety of careers as Developmental Psychologists. By the end of the 2nd year, successful students will have prepared and presented an original research project and completed coursework. The third year in the program typically involves taking a second doctoral exam, and proposing a dissertation research project, to be carried out during the fourth year, written and defended during the fifth year. From the first year, courses and individual advisement involve students in funding, organization, conference, and publication venues.

Required Courses

1st year
Developmental Psychology Theory and Research (DP I, II) (6 credits)
Pro-seminar in Developmental Psychology (1 credit) (out-of-states register in yr 2)
Current Issues in Developmental Psychology (0 credits – Fall & Spring)
Research Methods in Developmental Psychology (6 credits) (HD Res Meth I, II, Tutorial 1, 2)
Statistical Methods for Psychologists (6 credits)

2nd year and beyond
Independent Research in Developmental Psychology I and II (6 credits) (2nd Yr Project & Publishing)
Ethical Issues for Research with Vulnerable Populations (3 credits)
History and Epistemology of Developmental Psychology (3 credits)
Applying Developmental Theory to Teaching Psychology (3 credits)
Developmental Psychology Distribution Requirements (20 credits)

Developmental Psychology Distribution Requirements (2nd through 3rd years)
Development of Language, Cognitive, Social, Affective, Motor Processes (3-6 credits)
Development Across the Life Span (3-6 credits)
Development in Diverse Contexts (3-6 credits)
Advanced Developmental Research Methods and Statistics (3-6 credits)

Electives in other area of Psychology: 3-6 credits