Path to Degree

Pathways to Degree, 1-2015

Developmental Psychology I & II
Research Methods I & II (or equivalent for II)
Statistics I & II
Pro-seminar I & II
Core electives (1 or 2)
Research consultation with primary advisor

Requirements passed
Draft proposal for original research (based on consultation with primary advisor & work in research methods courses)

Credits achieved:
23 – 26 credits

Second year research seminar I & II
Ethics of Psychological Research
Core developmental psychology electives
Other electives & Transfer credits if appropriate
Research consultation with primary advisor

Proposal for second year research project-spring
First doctoral exam-spring (presentation of second research project design & preliminary results)

Credits achieved:
45 credits (Required course, 12 credits in developmental psychology core electives; transfer credits)

Electives, including advanced methods

Second doctoral exam essay – fall
Advance to candidacy – early spring
Dissertation proposal - spring

Credits achieved:
60 credits

Dissertation research in progress

Dissertation draft – fall
Dissertation defense - spring