Student Handbooks

Graduate Center Student Handbook

Revised annually, the Student Handbook supplements the information in the Bulletin of The Graduate Center. In addition, you will want to consult your respective academic program’s handbook. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the contents of these publications—you may discover useful information about opportunities and services, as well as academic policies, that you might not otherwise have known about on a timely basis.

Developmental Psychology Student Handbook (2018)

The handbook is currently being revised to reflect the recent changes within the department and should be posted around the Spring 2022 semester. Please contact the DEI committee for updates on the status of the revised handbook.

Download the Developmental Psychology student handbook

Faculty, Students, and Alumni Resources

This page houses links to different types of resources curated by the Student Advocacy Committee for current faculty, students, and alumni. Please request permission to the Google Folders if you’d like to access the documents or contribute! Click to request access

Career Development

[Google Folder]
Resources for Job search, CVs, Cover Letters, how to ask for recommendation letters, Individual Development Plan, and how to create a FREE website for yourself or course on the GC commons.


[Google Folder]
A list of conferences and example materials for submitting for roundtables, symposiums, and poster/paper presentations.


[Google Folder]
Reading and Media Recommendations pertaining to topics such as race, gender, class, disability, decolonizing psychology, intersectionality, neurodiversity, sexual orientation. Anti-racism resources centered around allyship and black liberation, resources, readings, and media for BIPOC students, and the link to the Psyc DEI welcome packet.

DP Courses

[Google Folder]
Syllabi for courses taught in Developmental Psychology and associated departments.


[Google Folder]
A list of different funding opportunities and websites, and a folder with examples of applications materials.


[Google Folder]
Example documents of milestones completed by students in the Developmental Psychology program.

Networking and Mentoring

[Google Folder]
A list of different networking opportunities to connect scholars with other students or mentors outside of DP.

Postdoctoral Search

[Google Folder]
A list of databases, programs, and articles pertaining to postdoctoral opportunities. Examples of diversity, teaching, and research statements, and proposed course examples.


[Google Folder]
A list of recommended articles, books, media, and other formats on various topics including wellness, productivity, and entertainment.

Stats Training

[Google Folder]
Links to organizations that provide different types of statistical training and statistics resources. PDF statistics textbook of Rindsoff’s course, and syllabi for other stats courses at the GC.


[Google Folder]
Syllabi of courses taught by DP students and faculty (not from DP program), and resources for teaching such as online teaching training, summer workshops, and email templates.


[Google Folder]
A list of journals for developmental psychology and related fields, reference manager recommendations, writing process tracker and article summary templates, and resources/examples to help with writing for journal articles and book chapters.