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HPCS is a full-time doctoral program, with matriculation occurring only in the fall semester. HPCS is accredited on contingency by the American Psychological Association as of December, 2018. Per APA rules, a program’s accreditation is  "on contingency" status until the program has 3 years of program outcome data.

Doctoral students in Health Psychology and Clinical Science (HPCS) receive a thorough training in clinical and health psychology, including current theoretical perspectives, the conduct and evaluation of scientific research methods, and evidence-based prevention and intervention practice across a diverse set of populations. HPCS has a commitment to the interaction between physical and mental health, a focus on health disparities and the influence of sociocultural contexts, and the advancement of health equity from a biopsychosocial perspective.

The program embodies a clinical science model of training in the evidence-based practice of health service psychology.  The program for predoctoral students includes core coursework and intensive supervised research and clinical and health psychology practice in laboratory, health care, and community settings. The program utilizes a mentorship model in which students will work closely with one or two faculty advisor(s). The faculty has strong expertise in a number of processes relevant to clinical and health psychological science, including: biopsychosocial determinants of physical and mental health and illness; neurobiological bases of emotion function and dysfunction; stress, coping, and adjustment to chronic illness; social-cognitive risk factors for mental disorders and physical illness; adherence to treatment; emotion regulation; health communication; prevention of illness, and health disparities.

Students who do not wish to pursue clinical training should select the “research only” option on the application.

Use of GREs in admissions decisions:

The Health Psychology & Clinical Science (HPCS) Diversity in Recruitment and Retention Committee is a collaborative committee of self-selected students and faculty that was established to create a culture of inclusion, belonging, and equity within the HPCS Doctoral Program. One goal of chief importance to the HPCS Diversity Committee involves addressing factors that impact the program’s capacity to recruit and retain diverse students and faculty. To that end, we believe that eliminating the Graduate Center’s GRE admissions requirement represents a crucially important step towards broadening access to graduate education at CUNY to a wider array of applicants from diverse backgrounds. The committee’s stance on this issue is informed by evidence that suggests the GRE is culturally biased against students from groups that are historically underrepresented in higher education, is prohibitively expensive for students from low-income backgrounds, and does not accurately predict a test-taker’s potential for achievement in graduate school. In light of these concerns, the HPCS program has already begun to decrease emphasis on GRE scores in lieu of application components that are less influenced by an applicant’s resources and opportunities. Moreover, many of the top graduate programs in the country have dropped the GRE admissions requirement for these same reasons.

The above statement was drafted and approved by the HPCS Diversity Committee and was voted on and approved, via majority, by HPCS faculty and students on December 12, 2019.

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Program FAQs
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Graduate Center Admissions
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