Chemical Spill Procedure

While the Graduate Center does not have laboratories, chemical and chemical products are used throughout the building for maintenance, housekeeping, reprographic and other purposes. The following should be done if a hazardous chemical is spilled in the building:

  1. Immediately report any spillage of hazardous chemicals to Security at x7777.
  2. When reporting the incident, be specific about the nature of the involved material and the exact location. Security will contact Facilities Services and outside emergency response agencies if necessary.
  3. The affected area should be evacuated immediately and sealed off to prevent further contamination of other areas until the arrival of Security, Facilities or other emergency service personnel.
  4. Anyone who may be contaminated by the spill should avoid contact with others as much as possible. Remain in the vicinity and give your name to Security & Public Safety, so any required first aid and clean up can be performed by the appropriate emergency service personnel.
  5. If an emergency exists that requires a building evacuation, activate the nearest fire alarm (as a precaution also report the emergency by telephone).