Facilities Use and Access Policy

Posting of Literature

The posting of signs, leaflets, and flyers is permitted on easels located in the elevator lobby of each floor, and on a bulletin board in the staff lounge, Room 8313. On the ground floor the easels are located adjacent to the elevator lobby. The posting of materials on walls, windows, doors, equipment, kiosks, elevators, and restrooms is prohibited. Posted literature must identify the issuing person or organization. Due to space limitations, outdated literature or duplicate postings on the same easel will be removed.

Distribution and Sale of Literature from Tables

Institutions of higher education need places where members of the institution can publicly present information about programs, activities, and issues. While the Graduate Center has a variety of public spaces for programs, we do not have the type of visible, central location at which information tables can be set up. Normally, this kind of “tabling” might take place in a centrally located student center or other similar location. Unfortunately, our facility does not have such a space. Our front lobby is a site that all community members must pass through, but the ability to place tables there is significantly restricted by safety considerations related to safe passage in and out of the building.

We have, however—in recognition of providing for this important function—developed a policy that will allow Graduate Center academic programs, centers or institutes, chartered DGSC organizations, projects, and programs, and registered staff or faculty organizations to “table” in the lobby. In light of the restricted space available and specific fire and building regulations, the following policies will apply.

  • Only one table will be allowed in the lobby at a time. To facilitate free passage through the lobby, the only approved location for that table is parallel to the wall directly to the left of the entrance to the library.
  • The table to be used will be provided by the Graduate Center and will be of a size selected by the Graduate Center.  The size will be based on safety considerations.
  • The tabling entity must specifically be an approved Graduate Center academic program, center, or institute, a chartered DGSC organization, project or program, or a registered staff or faculty organization. Graduate Center entities may not reserve a table for use by a non-Graduate Center entity.
  • All applications for tabling must be made by email to the Office of Student Affairs (studentaffairs@gc.cuny.edu). Every effort will be made to be accommodating. Early requests are encouraged. The applicant should list the name of the Graduate Center entity making the request, the name of a specifically responsible individual, and a phone number at which the party can be reached. That individual will be responsible for the maintenance of the table and for the cleaning of any debris from around the table that results from the tabling.
  • Those making the request should   know that tabling may be precluded on the day they are requesting because of prior requests or lobby traffic or other logistical considerations.
  • The Graduate Center reserves the right to limit the number and hours of tabling on a specific day based on the expected traffic in the lobby area that day.
  • The Graduate Center may need to cancel a previously confirmed reservation based on safety or other logistical considerations.
  • The Director of Security and/or highest ranking safety officer present has the authority to ask tabling to be concluded based on his or her assessment of health and safety considerations (e.g., crowding in the lobby).
  • The only space that can be used by the tabling party is the tabletop itself.   A sign may be placed on an easel behind the table but not affixed to the wall.
  • A table must be staffed at all times by an individual.   The lobby table cannot be used simply for placing unattended literature.
  • Only Graduate Center faculty, staff, or students may serve as the responsible party or parties at a table.

Other opportunities for handing out flyers and leaflets include the Student Center, outside the Dining Commons, and in conjunction with Graduate Center events.

Persons wishing to distribute literature in the Robert E. Gilleece Student Center should contact the Doctoral and Graduate Students' Council (the graduate student government), Room 5495; Telephone: 1-212-817-7888; Fax: 1-212-817-1592; email: dsc@gc.cuny.edu.

Meeting Space

Space-use fees are charged for all outside groups and for groups of which the Graduate Center or a Graduate Center entity is solely one of several participants or cosponsors. Space-use fees are not charged for Graduate Center Ph.D. and M.A. programs, Graduate Center research centers and institutes, the Doctoral and Graduate Students' Council, chartered doctoral student organizations, and registered staff and faculty organizations when the event is substantially and substantively the primary effort of one or more of these Graduate Center bodies.

Waiver of a space-use fee does not, however, preclude possible charges for extra IT audio-visual staff and equipment as well as for additional facilities staff and security costs. Such charges are typically necessary on weekends, when normal staffing is reduced and/or depend upon the size of the event and the type of space(s) being utilized. Reservation of space is arranged through the Graduate Center’s Room Reservations department, Roomres@gc.cuny.edu.

In addition, student meeting space is available in the Robert E. Gilleece Student Center through arrangement with the Doctoral and Graduate Students' Council, Room 5495; Telephone: 1-212-817-7888; Fax: 1-212-817-1592; email: dsc@gc.cuny.edu.


Picketing in an orderly manner is permitted in front of the building subject to New York City rules and regulations, which provide that there may not be interference with pedestrian traffic or with access to and egress from the building through all entrances. New York City regulations for picketing and demonstrations also provide that hand-held signs may not be mounted on sticks or other hard objects.

Amplification Devices

The use of sound amplification devices such as loudspeakers and “bullhorns” is not permitted inside or adjacent to the Graduate Center, because their use would interfere with instructional and other Graduate Center activities.


Persons holding banners, signs, or other objects may not block the view of other audience members at an event.

Security and Public Safety Measures

The following measures are some of the means that may be used by the Graduate Center’s Security and Public Safety Office in striving to provide a safe and secure environment for the Graduate Center community and its visitors while protecting and respecting the rights of the individual, including free-speech rights: enforcement of public assembly space occupancy limits; requiring the presentation of identification; assignment of additional security personnel; searching bags, packages, and other containers; requiring that coats, outerwear, bags, packages, and containers be put in checkrooms before entrance to events; the use of magnetometers (metal detectors); videotaping, audiotaping, and/or photographing an event; and requesting the presence of outside law enforcement agencies.