Fire Safety-Warden Procedures

Fire Wardens are designated for each floor. Fire Wardens will be made knowledgeable about the building and will receive training on the evacuation procedure. In the absence of available Fire Wardens, Security and Public Safety officers will carry out these duties.

The Fire Warden:

  • Will ascertain the location of the fire.

  • Notify the Fire Department. Call 911.

  • Will sound the building alarm (located at each fire exit).

  • Direct all persons to evacuate the floor via the stairway(s) furthest away from the emergency. Elevators are NOT to be used.

  • Encourage persons to leave quietly and in an orderly manner.

  • Insure that all disabled persons are assisted in reaching the nearest smoke free stairway.

  • Search all rooms, including restrooms, to insure that all persons are aware of the evacuation. Be especially watchful of persons who may have visual or hearing impairments.

  • Communicate with the Fire Command Station via warden phone and inform of floor conditions.

  • Inform the Fire Command Station of the location of any disabled persons on fire stair landings.

  • If evacuated to the street, keep the front entrance clear to expedite Fire Department response. Prohibit re-entry of the area until allowed by proper authority.