Identification Card Policy

All employees (staff and faculty) and students of the Graduate Center are required to carry a Graduate Center photo identification (ID) card with a current validation sticker in order to gain access to the building and the library.

All students enrolled at the Graduate Center will be issued an identification card that may be used for entry to the various CUNY libraries. Students may be asked to show the card when entering the Graduate Center or other City University buildings or when using any Graduate Center facilities. Unless tuition is paid, students will not be issued validation stickers for their identification cards. These stickers are required for borrowing books from the library.

Validation stickers may be obtained in the Bursar’s Office. Students must show proof of payment for the current semester’s tuition and fees before a card or validation sticker will be issued. Students who have lost their ID card will be issued a duplicate upon payment of a $10 fee.

Access to Mina Rees Library

The currently validated CUNY ID card with library patron bar code from the home campus library serves as the library card.

In accordance with the security regulations of the Graduate Center, all faculty, staff, and students are expected to carry their currently validated Graduate Center ID cards, or currently validated ID cards from other CUNY colleges, and to show these cards upon request. These cards must be shown for admission to the Mina Rees Library.

Those without such CUNY identification cards may apply in the library for a temporary library visitor’s pass. Appropriate identification is required before these passes are issued. Passes are not issued on weekends or certain holidays.

Temporary Graduate Center Identification Card

Non-Graduate Center students who are currently enrolled in a class or classes scheduled at the Graduate Center may obtain a temporary Graduate Center ID card from Security and Public Safety upon presentation of confirmation of registration from the Registrar. Other non-Graduate Center students and Graduate Center students who do not have validated ID cards (e.g., students who are on approved leaves of absence) may file a written request in Student Affairs for consideration for a temporary Graduate Center ID card.

On occasion, some students arrive at the Graduate Center prior to being officially registered but still may need access to the building and the Library. In these cases, students can be issued a temporary card which will later be replaced by a regular student ID after the students register. Early-arriving students needing temporary ID cards are required to present a memo to Security from the program’s Executive Officer or Assistant Program Officer, on Graduate Center letterhead stationery, requesting the temporary ID. The memo should state the student’s name and the expiration date for temporary access (sometime around the registration period).

Temporary ID cards will be granted only under unusual circumstances when there are strong academic reasons for doing so. Persons who have any outstanding financial obligations to the University will not be eligible for consideration.