Medical Emergencies

  1. Call 911 immediately for any accident or sudden illness that impairs functioning. Conditions where 911 must be called include:
    • unconsciousness, however brief
    • chest pains
    • poisoning
    • incapacitating head, abdominal or other pain
    • impaired breathing
    • profuse bleeding
    • disorientation or impaired ambulation.
  2. Be prepared to give the 911 operator the following information:
    • Location of the medical emergency
    • Sex and approximate age of the patient
    • Condition of patient (conscious, unconscious, difficulty breathing, chest pain, etc.)
  3. After calling 911, Security and Public Safety (x7777) should also be contacted to assist with first aid and expedite emergency service response.
  4. Do not attempt to administer first aid or CPR unless you have received prior certified training.