Power Failure Procedure

  1. If you are in an area where power has failed, call Security & Public Safety at x7777, providing the officer with your name, location and department. Describe the nature of the problem and any additional locations that are without power.

  2. If the power failure occurs during daylight hours, open blinds and doors to maximize available outside light.

  3. The Graduate Center is equipped with emergency lighting. If the lights are out, proceed cautiously to an area that has emergency lights.

  4. If you are trapped in an elevator, remain calm and use the emergency telephone or call button.

  5. Should an electrical or mechanical systems failure occur in the building, it may become necessary to evacuate the facility. Security & Public Safety will seek input from Facilities Services prior to making a decision.

  6. Security & Public Safety personnel will advise you when to evacuate the building. If requested, evacuate the building immediately. After evacuating from the building move away from the building's entrance.

  7. Assist persons with disabilities in exiting the building.