Reporting an Emergency

1. Call 911 to report emergencies directly to the New York City Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services. If calling 911 while on campus dial 9 followed by 911 and also call Security & Public Safety at x7777 so we can expedite the emergency response

2. Call x7777 to contact Security & Public Safety, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

3. Press the Emergency Assistance Stations located in corridors and places of public assembly throughout the building. Emergency Assistance Stations are circular in shape and lit for high visibility. Pressing the blue, center section sends a signal to the electronic security console and an officer is then sent to the station’s location.

Emergency Assistance Stations

4. Press the Emergency Tape Switches mounted on rest room walls. This device is white in color and similar to the device used on buses to request a stop. When pressed, a signal is sent to the electronic security console and an officer is then sent to that tape switch location. 

Emergency Tape Switch

5. For smoke or fire, pull the Fire Alarm Pull Boxes, which are bright red in color, located adjacent to all fire exits. Lifting the cover and pulling down the handle activates the alarm. A signal is sent to the fire command station in the main lobby and to a central dispatch station that notifies the FDNY. When pulled, this device will also activate an audible fire alarm on the floor where pulled and the floor above.

Fire Alarm Pull Box

On Campus Emergency Numbers

  • Security & Public Safety (24 Hours) - 212-817-7777
  • Director of Security & Public Safety - 212-817-7761
  • Asst. Director of Public Safety - 212-817-7768
  • Environmental Health & Safety - 212-817-7761
  • Facilities Services & Campus Planning - 212-817-7730
  • Wellness Center - 212-817-7020