Reporting Workplace Illnesses and Injuries

The Graduate Center encourages the prompt reporting of all work-related illnesses and injuries. Any accident or sudden illness that impairs functioning must be referred to 911. If able, the employee may place the call him/herself, or request it of a supervisor or a co-worker. Security & Public Safety (x7777) should also be contacted to assist with first aid and expedite emergency service response. Conditions where 911 must be called include:

  • unconsciousness, however brief
  • chest pains
  • poisoning
  • incapacitating head, abdominal or other pain
  • impaired breathing
  • profuse bleeding
  • disorientation or impaired ambulation.

Other non-emergency illnesses or injuries should be reported by submitting a Notice of Work Related Injury or Illness form to a supervisor. If the employee is unable to complete the form or describe what occurred to a supervisor or co-worker, the individual assisting the injured employee should describe the facts known to the supervisor, who will then file the form with the Office of Human Resources.

In addition, near misses (accidents that nearly happened) should be reported to the Director of Security and Public Safety so any potential hazards in the workplace can be eliminated.