Sexual Assault Procedure

  1. Should you become a sex crime victim on or near the campus or college-arranged housing, the college recommends a prompt report to both the NYPD (911) and Security & Public Safety (x7777) so that the public interest can be served. Reporting an incident helps:
    • Identify and apprehend the assailant
    • Maintains future options regarding criminal and civil action against the assailant
    • Protects the victim and others from future assaults from the same assailant
  2. Reporting an incident is a separate step from choosing to prosecute. Our first concern is the victim’s welfare and ensuring that proper treatment and support is provided. When a person files a report they are not obligated to continue with legal proceedings.
  3. Emergency Medical Services will be summoned for anyone apparently requiring or requesting medical attention.
  4. The preservation of evidence including biological, chemical, and environmental substances may be essential to successful prosecution; victims are urged to obtain emergency medical treatment before washing, laundering apparel, or discarding wipes.
  5. Local telephone service and assistance will be provided to facilitate notifications, victim services, and transportation arrangements. In addition, Graduate Center counseling professionals will do all they can to assist a victim of sexual assault including help in changing academic and life situations, if requested by the victim and if these changes are reasonably available.