Managing Your Project

Agencies require considerable time to evaluate and review research proposals. Expect a minimum of six months between the submission of a proposal and the onset of funding.

Any funding you receive will be routed to the Research Foundation (RF), a private, not-for-profit educational corporation created by the New York State Board of Regents to support research “in any and all fields of intellectual inquiry” at The City University of New York. The RF is responsible for the fiscal administration of our grants and contracts, while RSP is responsible for administering funds. Both entities work together to provide GC researchers with seamless access to their funds.

The terms and conditions of the award will be reviewed, negotiated, and accepted by the RF legal department via Huyuni Suratt.

Once your funding is awarded, we provide the following services:

  • Setting up your account with the RF
  • Identifying the RF project administrator
  • Facilitating all transactions between you and your project administrator
  • Ensuring that contracts move smoothly through the system
  • Acting as the authorized institutional signing authority on all award documents
  • Setting up subcontracts or subawards, if applicable
  • Requesting and receiving amendments, modifications, and no-cost extensions to the award
  • Completing final reports, invention statements, invoices, and financial reports to close out the award

Federal Agency Guides

National Institutes of Health (NIH) — Award Management

National Science Foundation (NSF) — Award and Administration Guide