Curriculum and Degree Information

Students in the doctoral program in Sociology pursue the Ph.D. degree through a combination of required and elective coursework and original research leading to a dissertation.

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Additional degree options in Sociology

En-Route Master’s Degree

Although the Program in Sociology does not offer an M.A. degree, it is possible for doctoral students to obtain a master’s degree from a senior college in the CUNY system that has its own M.A. program in sociology or social research (Brooklyn College, City College, and Queens College.) To be eligible, a student must have completed 45 doctoral credits (without counting transfer credits and proseminar), have a B average in all course work, and have passed the First Exam. In addition, the student must submit a research seminar paper from an 800-level course as evidence of preparation in sociological research.

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Students who wish to pursue a course of interdisciplinary study may do so with the understanding that their doctorate will be in sociology and that they will have to satisfy all the requirements of the Sociology Program. We encourage interdisciplinary study and will work with the student to design a reasonable course and research background that includes mentors outside sociology.

Students may opt to augment their degree and expand their academic expertise by pursuing one of the Graduate Center’s doctoral certificates, available only to matriculated doctoral students. Certificates which may be of particular interest to sociology students include: