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Spring 2023 Colloquium Series

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Dissertation Defenses

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Dr. Lisa Goldin

Thursday, September 9th, 2021

Efficiency of the Acoustic Change Complex for Various Stimulus Presentation Strategies in Infants

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Dr. Jaekoo Kang

Friday, September 3rd, 2021

The effect of speaking rate on vowel variability based on the uncontrolled manifold approach and flow-based neural network modeling

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Dr. Polina Shuminsky

Tuesday, August 31st, 2021

Acoustic Changes Following Clear Speech Intervention

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Dr. Taryn Malcom

Friday, June 11th, 2021

Cross-linguistic morphosyntactic influence in bilingual speakers of Jamaican Creole and Jamaican English

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Aug 15, 2022

Science Faculty Spotlight: Jason Bishop

Meet a Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences professor who specializes in prosodic processing and aspects of speech production and perception.

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