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Luxembourg Staff

Daniele Checchi, Director, Luxembourg Office of LIS

Thierry Kruten, Director of Operations and IT Director


Caroline Batzdorf
Assistant Director, US Office of LIS
Director of Development, LIS, Luxembourg Office and US Office
Telephone: (212) 817-1874
Office: 6203.06  

Mei-Ling Israel
Financial Manager
Telephone: (212) 817-1897
Office: 6203.06

Associated Students

Natascia Boeri, Ph. D., Sociology
Nathaniel Johnson, Economics, doctoral student
Sarah Kostecki, Political Science, doctoral candidate
Laurie Maldonado, Social Welfare – UCLA, doctoral candidate
Berglind Hólm Ragnarsdóttir, Sociology, doctoral candidate
Sagnik Das, Economics, doctoral student
Chuxin Liu, Economics, doctoral student

Telephone: (212) 817-1873
Office: 6203.03