Student Health Insurance (NYSHIP)

Active matriculating doctoral students at the Graduate Center who are employed as either Graduate Assistants or in one of the eligible Adjunct titles and meet specific income levels in those titles are eligible for health insurance coverage for themselves and their dependents through the Student Employee Health Plan (SEHP), a component of the New York State Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP).

To be eligible all three requirements must be met:

  • First, the students must be matriculated in a doctoral program at the Graduate Center
  • Second, they must be employed in one of the following Professional Staff Congress (PSC) titles: Graduate Assistant A, B, C, or D; Adjunct Instructor; Adjunct Lecturer; Adjunct College Laboratory Technician (CLT); Non-Teaching Adjunct I or II
  • Third, they must earn at least $4,122 per year in one of those titles; or must earn at least $2,061 per semester if they are employed for just one semester

Students wishing to enroll must complete an enrollment form and provide copies of their social security card, birth certificate or passport and appointment letter. Additional documentation is required for those wishing to enroll dependents. All enrollment documentation must be presented to the GC Student Affairs office for processing. Once enrolled, participants will receive three insurance identification cards; a medical card to be used for hospitalization, emergency room, doctor office visits, laboratory tests, prescription drug, mental health and substance abuse benefits; one for dental care; and one for vision coverage.

Student Health Insurance Guide

Summary of Benefits

Sample Paystub with NYSHIP Deductions

Benefits are administered by a specified insurance provider depending upon the coverage.

  • Hospital - administered by Empire BlueCross/BlueShield
  • Medical/Laboratory - administered by UnitedHealthcare
  • Prescription Drug - administered by CVS Caremark
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse - administered by Carleon Behavioral Health
  • Dental Care - administered by EmblemHealth
  • Vision Care - administered by Davis Vision

To find providers participating in the program, visit The Empire Plan or NYSHIP.


For specific questions about coverage please contact :
NYSHIP at 1-877-769-7447

Additional information is also available by sending an email to

Among the enhancements and changes for 2023 are:

There are new maximum limits on the amount you will pay out of pocket for in-network services/supplies received during the Plan year.  For individual coverage, the out of pocket limit is a total of $9,100 for individual coverage and $18,200 for Family coverage, split between the Hospital, Medical/Surgical, Mental Health and Substance Abuse and Prescription Drug Programs.

Please also refer to the Doctoral Student Employee Health Plan page on the CUNY University Benefits Office website to download applicable forms.

Participants pay for the plan by having automatic bi-weekly deductions from their paychecks. For 2023, the bi-weekly premium for individual coverage is $24.19 and $166.55 for family coverage (which includes spouses, children and domestic partners). The cost for the NYSHIP program is subsidized by the Graduate Center and Chancellery.

Doctoral students appointed at one of CUNY’s community colleges who meet the eligibility criteria and who want NYSHIP coverage must contact the GC Student Affairs office so that they can be switched from city payroll to state payroll. This must be completed before being enrolled for NYSHIP coverage. Their payroll must be transferred each semester while employed at a community college. 

If you are uninsured and/or do not meet the eligibility criteria for NYSHIP/SEHP coverage, please contact Student Affairs to learn about some options which may benefit you and your family. It is not advised to be uninsured. If you remain uninsured, however, you should learn which clinics and hospitals are available at a sliding fee or no cost BEFORE you need them/get sick or injured.

Additional information on alternative student health insurance from the Student Health Insurance Resource Guide.

Visit the NYS marketplace website.

Additional NYSHIP Information and Benefits


Coverage under NYSHIP/SEHP also includes a telehealth benefit to permit enrollees and their covered dependents to access health care services remotely through LiveHealth Online. Enrollees can access care through a video visit with a board-certified doctor, licensed therapist or psychiatrist on their smartphone, tablet or personal computer at no cost.

Forms and Downloads

Use these forms to enroll in NYSHIP, update your personal information, or change/cancel your coverage.

NYSHIP Virtual Document Drop-off Service

Use your GC network credentials to log in to the secure NYSHIP Virtual Drop-off Service to upload your health insurance documents. These are the same credentials you use for GC computers, printers, and wifi, and to access GC library resources from off campus. GC network accounts are managed by IT Services.

Account passwords can be reset on the self-service password reset site.